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First things first — before we jump into how to add delivery services to your dispensary, let's first cover why you should consider adding delivery in the first place.

Adding delivery to your roster of services adds a variety of benefits for your consumers — starting with privacy. While many cannabis consumers are perfectly comfortable walking into a dispensary, there are others who aren't as open about their cannabis consumption. And for those consumers, delivery allows them to get the products they want and need — without advertising their consumption habits by shopping at a retail cannabis location.

The convenience delivery offers consumers is also a huge benefit. This is true for pretty much every consumer.

“Everyone has busy schedules, and when you're looking to have your product delivered you're able to … not add in that additional stop on your way home and really plan it and have it fit your schedule,” Pracale said. But it's especially true for medical patients.

Couch Potatoes


Couch Potatoes


Couch Potatoes


Many medical marijuana patients have conditions that can make getting to a retail location challenging. Delivery allows them to get their medicine, even when physically going to the dispensary isn't possible.

Clearly, delivery is a win for consumers — but it's also a win for cannabis business owners. Adding delivery services to your retail operations can dramatically increase your revenue — and, according to Pracale, those increases can happen quickly.

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