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It is not unusual for people who buy their weed off the street to find the occasional seed lodged within their bud. More often than not, it is an annoyance, but if a seed is found in a particularly awesome batch of weed, it can be treated like a diamond, reverently handled and stored away for later growing. However, when it comes to germinating the seed, it falls flat on its face, completely failing to sprout.

While many usually chalked it up to bad luck or genetics, it turns out there could be another cause, one that many rookie growers fall for – touching the seeds with their bare fingers. This is a problem because our fingers are covered in essential oils, and while we may not feel them, they do rub off on seeds. If left for a long time, they can undermine the integrity of a seed, and even cause it to fail completely when it comes to germination.

Everybody has a roll of this stuff in their kitchen. This material can serve as a barrier between the oil of your hands and the shell of cannabis seeds. Most kitchen towel is highly absorbent and will suck up any oil and prevent it from penetrating through to the other side. Although kitchen towel is cheap and accessible, using a whole sheet to handle a single seed limits dexterity and accuracy. This can be particularly problematic if you're attempting to sow a seed in a tiny hole. If you're using kitchen towel, tear off a small strip or corner to increase handling accuracy and scope of vie

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