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Big Bud Farms
California Medical Marijuana Products and Services for
Growing, Cultivating, Harvesting,  Medicating and More
Welcome to Big Bug Farms, we are legal urban medical marijuana growers located in
Orange County, California. At this website you can find information for growing, harvesting
and utilization of medicinal marijuana.

For Patients new and old, we have a wide variety of products for medicating and
informational links on the best strains to treat the many afflictions that medicinal marijuana
may alleviate.  Discover different methods of medicating and learn first hand the pros and

For Growers we offer a preferred selection of growing equipment and supplies used by Big
Bud Farms to produce organic medical marijuana.  Plus an excellent selection of seed for
patients worldwide and for local patients, clones and medicine from trusted local vendors.

For Investors looking to take advantage of the worldwide Green Rush, we offer an
investment opportunity for the Big Bud Farms Healing Center.  Directed by a team of
seasoned business professionals, growers and patients, investors can expect a 15% return
in 36 short months.  Additionally, investors can get quick links to medical marijuana stocks
and investment tips in addition to a wealth of information on starting a business in this
ever changing up and coming new industry.

For Career seekers we offer links to dedicated medical marijuana employment sites and
links for certification, educational opportunities and training courses available conveniently

For Fun we offer a variety of marijuana themed gifts, clothes and art work that every
marijuana enthusiast would love.  

Medicate, relax and click away because a bud everyday can keep the doctor away!